Accounting Kasso – Accounting services

Accounting service is the most common service an entrepreneur needs. Nowadays, it no longer means keeping receipts in a shoe box, but you can deliver the materials, for example, by photographing them with your own smartphone.

Bookkeeping can be done with a firm grip from our accounting office. In addition, comprehensive electronic services make accounting easy even remotely.

Accounting Kasso handles your company’s seasonal accounting and tax administration declarations in accordance with the supplied accounting materials and documents. You can also deliver accounting material to us electronically. The electronic service makes our accounting service even more flexible and customer-oriented, when you don’t have to spend your time transporting or mailing receipts. Outsourcing accounting is smart when you want to spend your time on the most important thing, i.e. running your own business.

Accounting Kasso – Electronic accounting office and financial administration

We are an electronic accounting firm and we use electronic tools and methods in financial administration. Electronic financial management is a method that makes dealing with an accounting firm much easier. Nowadays, electronicity is commonplace in many companies’ financial administration – both at us and at our client companies. The mundane nature of sending and receiving online invoices is defended by several studies conducted in our country. The number of companies using e-invoices alone has already exceeded 130,000. If you wish, our service includes all ready-made solutions for electronic accounting office transactions, which saves your company considerable working time and money.


The modern electronic accounting office service is very cost-effective and effortless for the company. When, for example, invoices and other receipts can be sent electronically, you no longer have to pay postage or spend your time peeling and running to the mailbox. Electronic invoices are stylish and improve your company’s image, when you get them delivered faster than traditional letter mail and directly to your customer’s electronic service for approval. When the approval can be automated, the payment of the invoice is also better on schedule. When doing business with an accounting firm, it’s convenient and easy, because when you send an invoice electronically to your client, it automatically becomes an electronic part of our accounting at the same time.

Accounting Kasso helps your company find the right solution for sending and receiving online invoices and e-invoices. As our customer, you have at your disposal applications that allow you to manage the company’s invoicing, and at the same time you get a ready-made solution that you can also use to manage the sending of electronic invoices. We can also help your company in a situation when your customers are consumers and want an e-invoice for online banking.

Payroll services

If you have employees, you usually need payroll services in addition to financial services. With the help of expert service and good solution models, we can also rationalize the processes related to payroll.

Outsourcing of financial administration

The starting point for outsourcing financial administration is most often to reduce the risk associated with one’s own personnel, i.e. to acquire the necessary expertise from an external service provider. Changes in the organization or retirement, for example, create the need to make changes to current practices. When outsourcing financial administration, the availability of up-to-date information is often feared. Outsourcing services produced with modern technology, combined with expertise, make available all the information related to decision-making and save on current processes. It is good to remember that at the same time the functions are optimized in terms of legislation and taxation. Acquiring similar services and applications on your own is often laborious and time-consuming. Contact us and our experts will tell you more.

Calculating the company’s carbon footprint and demonstrating climate responsibility

Kasso Carbon Control is calculated and used through your own financial management program or our program. It is also possible to calculate and report the carbon footprint of previous years, i.e. you can calculate the carbon footprint for the previous two or three years, if you have used the same service.

Information security

Data security is important to us, and when processing financial data, we follow exact instructions so that people’s own data is not included in the reporting. In Hilijalanjälje’s installation, we do not process people’s personal data at all, instead we only use the accounting numbers of electronic invoices.

Reporting and Visualization and categorizations

We visualize and categorize your results. Visualizations help to understand immediately what and how the carbon footprint consists. We use the standardized GHG protocol as a tool.

Carbon footprint compensation

We also help you to choose the way and destination of how you compensate your emissions, if you want.